Month: October 2009

The White Company SS10 in Tanzania

The White Company SS10 in Tanzania

Franks first venture of the season was a production in Tanzania.

7 light aircraft’s, 13 crew from New York, London, Paris and Cape Town gathered in the Serengeti & Zanzibar for an unforgettable shoot.

Staying at a luxury lodge in the remote northern Serengeti, home to lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, and large herds of antelope, the stunning Mara River, provided the perfect backdrop for an exciting shoot.

The lodge itself also provided the perfect location for the White Company, hand picked after a two-year search to ensure that the location was on brand and provided enough scope for a 4-day shoot.

Frank also managed, against the odds to get permission to transport a hot air balloon to this protected part of the Serengeti, which added an extra dimension to the shoot.

After 4 successful days in the arid African savannah and headed east across Tanzania to greet the new team in Zanzibar for the second part of the shoot.

Again the bespoke lodge provided an alternate but equally suitable location for the White Company. Based in the northern west tip of Zanzibar, perched on a coral rock and surrounded by white beaches, the background for the ‘Island life’ mood was set.

Combined with another luxury location on the east coast and a full days shoot in Stone Town Zanzibar provided a diverse range of locations.

Frank was on hand 24/7 organising everything from catering, location’s, transport, bespoke props, extras, budget and even holding a scrim!

For more information regarding shooting in Tanzania and on Zanzibar contact Frank.