Month: December 2009

Universal Music – Tinashea 1st Class Act

Universal Music – Tinashea 1st Class Act

Late December saw the arrival of UK Musician Tinashe. Originally from Zimbabwe Tinashe wanted to return to his African roots to shoot his Album cover and PR images. The locations had to look hip, real and African. With Cape Town’s diversity this was not a problem.

Frank did a comprehensive location scout of the city and townships prior to arrival so no time wasted when the talent arrived!

To keep costs low and flexibility high, Frank provided a very small capable crew to enable the shoot to have maximum creativity and to get the most out of the locations and the budget.

The team shot in the Townships, which was a wonderful experience. So much ground had been covered in a couple of days that we all had time to enjoy the delights of a braai in Guguletu’s renowned Mzoli’s – a really unique wrap dinner!

Tinashe was such a good sport and even got out his colourful guitar at the airport to serenade the virgin Airhostesses for an upgrade.

The crew returned to the UK 1st Class – say no more.
To find out more about Tinashe and his music go to:

Photographer: David Titlow

Next SS10 – Logistics Logistics Logistics

Next SS10 – Logistics Logistics Logistics

Next came to Frank to produce its Summer Living SS10 Catalogue.

Tons of outdoor furniture, barbeques, lanterns, planters and clothing samples were shipped to Frank HQ in November for the logistics team to sort, organise, and build in preparation for the shoot.

After several weeks’ pre production, the UK Next crew arrived in Cape Town to shoot at hand picked locations chosen at their pre recce a few months previous.

Franks team were on hand 24/7 to ensure that product was delivered, unpacked and ready to shoot at each location, that there were the appropriate perishable props, that planters were planted, that sets were built, lights rigged, equipment set up, images downloaded and backed up and of course that the crew were well fed and watered.

With two photographic teams shooting simultaneously it was logistically a large production, however with the Next team it is always effortless and lots of fun.

Frank looks forward to working with them again!

Photographers: Simon Archer & Robbert Koene