Month: April 2015

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Johnnie B – All Aboard For Summer


We are so proud of the latest Summer 15 Johnnie B campaign shot by the talented Rick Truscott in Kommetjie, Cape Town.
Getting such natural shots from a bunch of teens is not easy and again the Johnnie B team again makes it look effortless. We LOVE working this with clever Boden Team, with months of pre-production, nothing is left to chance. That means on the day we can focus on being at exactly the right place, at the right time, with the right weather and make sure everyone is REALLY well looked after!

The White Company Summer 15 shot by Collete de Barros

The season that keeps on giving.

Its not really an excuse not to post and update you on what we have been up to but Frank has been VERY busy. This season has been non-stop for us since September and is still going strong. In September we expanded our small team, employing the much loved Gui full time, as Producer and Production manager. Office Angel Lydia also joined us full time working hard supporting the producers.

The increase in our team enabled us to work with some lovely new clients (Boden Fashion Tescos F&F, Esprit, Pierre Lang to name a few), while still servicing our loyal existing clients (Marks and Spencer, The White Company, Mini Boden). Many of our existing clients such as Boden and The White Company visited us at least 5 times this season, creating strong production partnerships between us and their teams and seamless production.

Working with new and old clients introduced us to some new photographers Colette De Barros, Matthew Eades, Heather Favell and Donja Pitsch. We also enjoyed Welcomimg back ‘old’ faces, Rick Truscott, Anders Schonneman, Tim Marsella for many shoots.

So no more excuses, we are finally finding the time to update the Blog, although with more shoots planned up until July, it may just take a little longer while we concentrate on what we do best.