Frank Loves Cape Town!

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It’s a fantastic place to live, work and play. But while the Mother City gives so much, it is clear to see that not all of her citizens are as fortunate as us.

With this in mind, we are always looking for ways to give back to the communities that make our hometown so special.

So Frank has joined the Film Industry Fund – a non-profit organization set up by the Film Industry to raise money for both the communities that we shoot in, as well as disadvantaged areas that aren’t used as locations.

And if we contribute – so do you!

This how it works: For every City of Cape Town Film Office permit that Frank uses, we commit to making a donation. Which is done on your behalf! So you’re helping the less fortunate by just by having your production in Cape Town.

We also contribute to the fund by processing Visa Letters. The Film Industry Visa Agency is a non-profit organization, so once they have covered their costs, all the surplus funds go into the Film Industry Fund. So far this season, approximately R200 000 have been donated this way.

Here are some of the ways the Film Industry Fund has helped communities in the short space of time that it has been running:

• Donated a fantastic Jungle Gym worth R34 235,38 to the Upper Leeuwen Street Park in the Bo-Kaap.

• R10 000 donated to the Astra School for the Disabled in Montana.

• Paid for 25 learners at the Sid. G Rule School in Grassy Park to have 2 individual reading lessons per week for a year. This was facilitated by and cost R30 000

• Bought a new sound system for the Samaritan School of Dance in Woodstock

• Donated R37 000 worth of computers for the Baphumelele Waldorf School in Khayelitsha

And the fund looks to be healthy, so they are getting ready to make some more great donations.

While we’re pleased with good work that’s been done, we feel we could still do more. So Frank is currently looking for other ways to give back – watch this space!

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